2016 Victorian budget

I gave a seminar for VCOSS last Friday in anticipation of today’s Victorian budget. vcoss training 2016 v2

I got things pretty right as things turned out. I thought the key theme would be, “we’re fixing the mess”. It turned out to be, “Getting the job done”.

But the key proposition was spot on: that Treaurer Pallas was rolling in money and able not only to be fair but demonstrate he could be a trusted momder of the till.

For those who don’t know what a Budget Lockup looks like, here’s some shots I took today, including one of the Treasurer answering questions from journalists at his press conference:


Two great recent books that are terrific reads

Tom Doig and Dennis Glover have written two terrific books on Australian political economy. Dennis has done a terrific critique of pro-market policies and their impact on communities, using Doveton in Melbourne as a case study.

Tom’s book is about the impact of privatisation on the safety standards of a crucial industry, in this case coal mining. His story is about a fire that raged for two months at the Hazelwood Coal mine.

They are both beautifully written and come highly recommended.

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